Winter Driving With Winter Tyres

First of all, you should not be driving during winter weather with any tyre that is not approved for use during winter. You should also not drive with a winter tyre that has a tread depth below 4mm. Winter driving is very challenging and you need to get the maximum performance from your tyres to stay safe and manage to drive.

You need a high quality set of winter tyres to meet the challenges of winter weather. You have a combination of snow, ice and slush, which all are very difficult conditions to drive in. Even with good quality tyres, you need to drive cautiously and keep your speed at levels that you feel comfortable with. If you face a lot of ice, a studded tyre is your best option for safe driving. This will give you the best traction on icy surfaces.

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There Are No Standard Tyres

 Each tyre has some specific use. Most people think of tyres as just something you need to have and don’t know how much they actually contribute to the performance and safety of your vehicle. You need to choose carefully what tyre you need depending on your driving profile as well as the weather conditions that you will face.

The tyre choice will depend on the type of vehicle you have, what performance you want and for which season you will drive in. In northern Europe you will most certainly need both a set of summer tyres and a set of winter tyres. In the southern parts you might get by with only summer tyres, if you don’t see any cold weather or then you might opt for a all-weather tyres, which if it is approved for winter use, and you can manage with it all-year around. If you live in an area that experiences heavy winter weather, you are better off with winter tyres during the winter season and summer tyres during the summer.

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What Tyre To Choose For Winter?

 This seems to be the ever-lasting question. Before the answer was quite obvious and simple, being that you should choose a studded tyres if you wanted a good winter tyre. However, big advancements in the development of the non-studded tyres have made them so much better than they used to be. Nowadays the question is not that easy to answer. Now it depends a lot more of your preference and where you live and what the conditions that area has.

The studded tyres are still a bit better on ice and tightly packed snow, but the difference is small. The non-studded tyres also perform well on ice nowadays. They use the addition of grip crystals to the tread that increases the traction between the tyre and the ice. They also use a design in the tread that allows the rubber tread to bite into the ice and create traction. If you are not in need of the absolute best grip on ice, then a non-studded tyre gives you a bit more flexibility as there are less regulations on non-studded tyres. If you travel by car between different countries, then you are probably best by having non-studded tyres.

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Make Sure That You Don’t Wait Too Long To Change Tyres

 Switching from summer tyres to winter tyres, might seem like a cumbersome task, but it is definitely something that shouldn’t be neglected. There are most likely laws regulating the use of winter tyres in your area if you have real winter conditions each year. The laws are really there to make sure that you are safe, as it is not safe to drive with summer tyres during winter conditions.

We have all seen videos on the news when there are lots of people crashing when the first snow comes. Some of the accidents may be due to the fact that drivers still have summer tyres on their car. Summer tyres do not have grip on snow or ice. For you to be able to drive legally and safely you need to change to proper high quality winter tyres.

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SUV Studded Tyres

When driving with your SUV in the extreme winter conditions you will need to get a set of winter tyres. The rubber used in the SUV winter tyres is designed for winter conditions. Therefore you will need a specific winter tyres that will remain flexible during the winter temperatures.

SUV studded tyres should be used during winter. These tyre are especially good for icy winter conditions. With a studded tyre, you will be able to drive safely throughout the winter season, regardless of what surfaces you will be encountering. Just make sure that you mount them before the winter conditions arrive and then change back to your summer tyres when the season ends. For studded tyres, it is important to also check what the legislation is in your area what pertains to studded tyres.

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Buy Two Or Four New Tyres

 It is often questions about if you should buy a full set, or if it is ok to buy just two tyres, to replace the ones that are most worn out. The answer is always that is better to buy a full set, as your driving performance will be better and you will be safer. To avoid having different wear between back tyres and front tyres is to rotate the tyres, every 6 months, or every time that you change between summer tyres and winter tyres. This will make sure that they will wear out more evenly.

When you mount different worn tyres between back and front, like a brand new set and a few years worn tyre, the grip will be different, which can easily result in sliding. You can easily lose control when you turn or corner. Therefore it can be dangerous to only change two tyres and it is always recommended to change the full set at once. So make sure that you will be rotating your tyres to ensure a more even wear so that when you need to buy a new set, you can buy a full new set of tyres. Rotation will then save you money as you can wait until they all are close to the recommended minimum tread depth of 4mm.

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Tips for Buying Winter Tyres Online

Driving safely on the challenging winter roads requires more than just good driving skills. You also need to have the right set of tyres designed specifically for the cold weather. You need to have winter tyres the moment leaves on trees start turning from green to bright reds and oranges. Do not wait until the roads are packed with snow and ice to start thinking of buying these tyres. By that time, their prices may be higher, or it can be challenging to find an expert to install them for you. Continue reading “Tips for Buying Winter Tyres Online”

Why Studded Tyres Are The Best For Winter

Driving with studded tyres in winter is one of the ways that you can use to increase the safety of your vehicle on the road. Even when roads become covered in heaps of snow and ice, you will be able to drive more easily when you install the studded winter tyres on your vehicle. They are created for use in places that experience severe winter conditions. You may have to spend a bit more money to buy them, but the good news is that the risk of being involved in accidents when you are driving on the winter roads will be lower. Continue reading “Why Studded Tyres Are The Best For Winter”

Questions to Ask When Looking for The Best Winter Tyres


Winter tyres may not be necessary for everybody, but they are crucial for people who come from places where the weather is freezing cold in the winter. If you have all-season tyres on your vehicle, you may be wondering if you will need winter tyres too when the cold season approaches. Well, if you care a lot about your comfort and safety on the road, you should seriously consider getting the best winter tyres for your vehicle. Since they are designed to work well in snow, slush and ice, you will be safer and comfortable with them compared to their all-season counterparts. Continue reading “Questions to Ask When Looking for The Best Winter Tyres”

Things To Check When Buying A Winter Tyre 

When colder months of the year start approaching, one of the things you need to do is make sure that you have your winter tyres ready. A winter tyre is simply a tyre that is made of special compounds in order to improve traction, handling and stopping. It is the safest option for driving on snowy, icy and wet roads. The rubber compound that this tyre is made of stays soft and flexible even when you are driving on a road with hard packed snow. It will still provide reliable performance and safety even when you are faced with extremely cold temperatures.

Before you go ahead and buy a winter tyre, there are a number of things you need to check first. The first one is whether the tyres you want to buy are studded or studless. Your choice will depend on a number of things, including your driving habits, where you drive mostly and the typical winter condition in the place that you come from. If you drive on slush and packed snow in winter, studless tyres will be the better alternative because they get traction through the wide and deep grooves that they feature. Studded tyres will be better if you drive on icy roads in winter. The studs, which are lightweight pins on the tyres, dig into slick surfaces and enhance traction.

You also need to check if the winter tyre you want to buy has sipes. The sipes are small patterned slits on the lugs of the tyre. They create extra edges for enhanced road grip when you are driving on snowy or icy winter roads. If you find a good winter tyre that is not siped, that should not hinder you from buying it. Custom safety siping can be added on the tyre in order to make sure that there is improved starting, stopping as well as rolling action when you drive on slick roads.

Last but not least, you need to check whether or not the winter tyre you want to buy has a rim. This is a question of time and money. If you can afford to buy a tyre that comes with a rim, it will be a good idea to go ahead and buy it. This is because it takes quite longer to unmount and mount tyres on rims each time. The unmounting and muounting also results into wear and tear that may shorten the lifespan of the tyre.

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