Important Tips On Buying Non-Studded Tyres



Winter is a very challenging season of the year to live through. There are a lot of changes you need to make to continue living a comfortable life. These changes not only apply to your home, but also to your vehicle. If you have a car, you will need to see to it that it is equipped with the right winter tyres. The two major types of winter tyres to choose from are studded tyres and non-studded tyres. To know which kind is right for your vehicle, you need to know the severity of winter in your area. Continue reading “Important Tips On Buying Non-Studded Tyres”

When To Use Non-Studded Tyres

When choosing the right winter tyres for your vehicle, there are two major options to select from, namely studded and non-studded tyres. While both of them are designed for use in winter, they have a few differences. The things you need to keep in mind when choosing between them include how much you drive in winter, the kinds of roads you use during that time, what you like as a driver and your winter driving experience. Do not just choose the tyres blindly because they are all winter tyres and hope to get the best out of them. Continue reading “When To Use Non-Studded Tyres”