Remember To Inflate Your Tyres During The Winter Season

It is important to check the air pressure of your tyres often. During the winter, it might be that you need to top up your tyres with air, as the pressure drops with decreasing temperatures.

Low air pressure in the tyres will negatively impact your fuel consumption of your vehicle due to increased rolling resistance. It also increases the tyre wear, which means you need to replace the tyres more often. Your car will also not perform as well as it should, if the tyres are not having the correct tyre pressure. This is regardless if you have summer or winter tyres mounted on your car.

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Non-Studded Tyres Are Great On Snow

If your winter season mainly includes weather where you end up driving on snow, then a non studded tyres will be a great tyre for your car. Non-studded tyres rely on unique tread design to create friction on snow and ice and can use e.g. cryo crystal technology to improve the grip on ice. This way they are almost as good as studded tyres on ice, and on snow they are just as good.

As non-studded tyres can be used without too many regulations, you can change tyres earlier, so that you can be ready for the winter when it arrives.

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Equip Your SUV With Good Quality Winter Tyres

As your SUV is a heavy vehicle, it is important that you have good quality winter tyres mounted to manage the challenging winter conditions. SUV winter tyres will make sure that your SUV can drive smoothly through snow, ice and slush, which would be almost impossible without winter approved tyres.

Tyres that are not approved for winter use have the tendency to get very hard and are not able to comply to the surface that you drive on, thus they are not able to create the necessary friction and thus the grip that you need to drive safely. So make sure that you purchase good quality tyres.

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Prerequisites For A Good Tyre

What makes a tyre good? In my opinion it is the constant development, which is the result of extensive research and testing. All good tyre manufacturers will invest a lot of money to test tyres to constantly try to develop better tyres. Safety, better wear and better grip tend to be the key goals. When it comes to winter tyres, the testing is even more critical and not everyone has the right facilities to do that.

Regardless of what tyre that you want to buy, you need to do your research to ensure that you get a good quality tyre. Tyre tests performed by car magazines tend to give you some indication of how well tyres perform in certain conditions.

Nowadays you have the EU tyre label that gives you the answers to three tyre related questions: rolling resistance, which translates into fuel efficiency, noise emission, which translates into the sound level and the wet grip which shows how good the tyre is when you brake.

A good tyres will have been built solidly and the tread design has been optimized for the challenges that you will face.

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Enjoy Driving With Good Winter Tyres During The Winter

Winter season  is the most challenging time of the year to drive. You can, however, make the driving in winter more enjoyable by installing richard mille replica a set of high quality winter tyres on your car. In winter you need a tyre that can give you good driving comfort as well as great control when you maneuver.

If the weather is good, winters are very nice. A nice sunny day with the sun reflecting in the crystal white snow as you cruise down the snowy roads is a great feeling. With good tyres there is no challenge or problem to do so. With good tyres you can drive safely.

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A Good Non-Studded Tyre For This Winter

If you are in the market for buying a new set of winter tyres and you have decided to go for non-studded tyres, then I can recommend the Nokian Hakkapeliitta R3 tyres. These tyres are made to handle even the harsh winters with great grip on all surfaces.

These tyres give you superior driving comfort and have low rolling resistance so that you can save money on fuel costs. Instead of studs, they achieve the great grip by having small particles in the rubber compound which grap onto the road surface.

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Check Your Tyres Regularly

There are a few reasons why you should check your summer and winter tyres, mainly due to safety and cost factors. It is good to do a visual inspection of your tyres regularly. If there are visible damages to your tyres, then drive by a tyre shop and get them fixed or replaced. Another safety item to check is the tread depth; if it is below 4mm then you need to purchase a new set of tyres. It is not safe to drive with tyres that have tread depth of below 4mm. In addition, you need to check the tyre pressure. Low pressure can be dangerous to drive with and both the tyre wear and fuel costs rise with low pressure. So keep your tyres in good condition.

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Why Are Tyres So Important?

It seems that the importance of tyres is sometimes forgotten. People talk about how safe a car is and the safety features of the vehicle, but they forget how an important role tyres play in the driving. Without proper tyres you can in some cases not drive at all.

Tyres are the car’s only point of contact with the road surface. The car has to transmit all its power and control to the surface via the tyres. If the tyre doesn’t have proper grip to the road surface, the handling of the car becomes difficult. Tyres play a significant role in ensuring the driving safety.

In winter you can choose either studded winter tyres that have metal studs embedded within the tread or the so-called studded tyres. The rubber compound of a winter tyre is designed for the cold weather and will remain soft and flexible as opposed to a summer tyre, which will turn hard and inflexible, making them less efficient on ice or snow. Make sure that you ensure your winter safety by equipping your car with a set of high quality winter tyres.

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How To Save Money With High Quality SUV Tyres

Buying quality is often cheaper in the long run, as better quality items tend to last longer. When it comes to tyres, your tyres are so important when it comes to your driving safety, that the safety aspect of the better tyres should be your main concern. In addition to the improved safety aspect of the higher quality tyres, you also tend to save money. A high quality tyre will be more wear resistant, which means that it will wear out slower and you do not have to buy a new set of tyres as often. This is a huge benefit when it comes to costs.

Another important aspect when it comes to SUV tyres, is that high quality SUV winter tyres and SUV summer tyres will most probably have a lower rolling resistance resulting in a lower fuel consumption versus a lower quality tyre. This means that every time you fill up your SUV, you will save money.

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SUV Winter Tyres Are The Best Option For Your SUV In A Severe Winter Weather

During the winter, if there are severe winter conditions with snow, ice and slush and below zero temperatures, the best tyre option for your SUV is a proper winter tyre. While a summer tyre gets hard when the temperature goes below zero, a dedicated winter tyres remains soft and flexible, being ready to conform to the wintry road surfaces and to create enough traction on icy and snowy surfaces.

The tread pattern and tread material of a winter tyre is specifically designed to offer stable handling on ice and snow as well as to evacuate slush, ensuring that you have constant contact with the road surface. If you lose this contact, the car will end up slushplaning, just like you do with aquaplaning. This is a state where you cannot control your vehicle, so you need to lower the speed and wait until the tyres evacuate the slush from the surface and you get back the control of your vehicle.

Even if it looks like your current tyres will be able to perform well during winter, if they are not winter approved, they will not. Trust me.

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