SUV Winter Tyres Are The Best Option For Your SUV In A Severe Winter Weather

During the winter, if there are severe winter conditions with snow, ice and slush and below zero temperatures, the best tyre option for your SUV is a proper winter tyre. While a summer tyre gets hard when the temperature goes below zero, a dedicated winter tyres remains soft and flexible, being ready to conform to the wintry road surfaces and to create enough traction on icy and snowy surfaces.

The tread pattern and tread material of a winter tyre is specifically designed to offer stable handling on ice and snow as well as to evacuate slush, ensuring that you have constant contact with the road surface. If you lose this contact, the car will end up slushplaning, just like you do with aquaplaning. This is a state where you cannot control your vehicle, so you need to lower the speed and wait until the tyres evacuate the slush from the surface and you get back the control of your vehicle.

Even if it looks like your current tyres will be able to perform well during winter, if they are not winter approved, they will not. Trust me.

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Improve The Winter Performance Of Your SUV

 By adding a great set of high performance tyres to your SUV, you will increase the overall performance of your SUV and make it safer for winter driving. The perfect tyres for your SUV is the Nokian Hakkapeliitta R3 SUV. With it you get a combination of great performance on both snow and ice, while at the same time excellent driving comfort.

Nokian Hakkapeliitta R3 SUV is a non-studded tyre, that is optimized for heavy winter conditions and it even provides you with aramid-reinforced sidewalls, to prevent sharp object puncturing the sides. In addition to having great grip on snow and ice, it also have low rolling resistance, which will lower your fuel costs as you are driving safely on the winter roads.

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The Best Non-Studded Tyre Option

 If you are in the market of buying a new set of winter tyres and you have decided upon a non-studded tyre, the Nokian Hakkapeliitta R3 is the best option to go for. You will get world class driving comfort and safety out of this tyre.

It has excellent grip during winter on both snow and ice. The grip is achieved by the addition of bio-based grip crystals to the tread as well as the tread design that gives you a claw like grip on ice. In addition to the excellent grip on snow and ice, it has a very low rolling resistance, which means that you save money on fuel as you drive. So by possibly paying a bit more for the high quality tyres, you will gain it quickly back with current gasoline prices.

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Get More From Your Studs

 If you want the best traction on snow and ice, you might want to go for the new Nokian Hakkapeliitta 9 tyres, with double stud technology to ensure you have excellent grip on icy and snowy surfaces. It will give you good traction both as you accelerate and when you brake. It will also keep you from sliding sideways in curves.

So if you demand the best possible grip during the winter season, Nokian Hakkapeliitta 9 is the tyres choice for you. The different studs give you better grip under different circumstances. During the challenging conditions, you will need a high quality tyre to keep you safe. They also have the lowest rolling resistance, which will save you a lot of money on fuel, as well as the highest driving comfort with the lowest tyre noise. It has everything you need from a winter tyre.

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Winter Driving With Winter Tyres

First of all, you should not be driving during winter weather with any tyre that is not approved for use during winter. You should also not drive with a winter tyre that has a tread depth below 4mm. Winter driving is very challenging and you need to get the maximum performance from your tyres to stay safe and manage to drive.

You need a high quality set of winter tyres to meet the challenges of winter weather. You have a combination of snow, ice and slush, which all are very difficult conditions to drive in. Even with good quality tyres, you need to drive cautiously and keep your speed at levels that you feel comfortable with. If you face a lot of ice, a studded tyre is your best option for safe driving. This will give you the best traction on icy surfaces.

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Great Tyres Are Needed To Stay Safe

 If you doubt the importance of tyres, you need to think again. If you are watching motor racing, you know that it is often the tyres that fail the drivers, keeping them away from a victory. Tyres is one of the most significant parts of your car, being able to determine the performance. For the challenging winters you need high quality tyres that have been approved for winter use. Some all-weather tyres have been approved as well and are included in the category which we refer to as winter tyres.

For the winter tyres you have studded tyres and non-studded tyres. The non-studded tyres are often referred to as friction tyres, as they will need to use the friction between the tyre and the surface to create the traction. The studded tyres, will rely on the metal studs to create the traction. There is of course friction involved here, but as they have the studs, they are simply referred to as studded tyres. Choose one of these three tyres when you make your choice for winter tyre and you will remain safe during your drive.

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What Tyre To Choose For Winter?

 This seems to be the ever-lasting question. Before the answer was quite obvious and simple, being that you should choose a studded tyres if you wanted a good winter tyre. However, big advancements in the development of the non-studded tyres have made them so much better than they used to be. Nowadays the question is not that easy to answer. Now it depends a lot more of your preference and where you live and what the conditions that area has.

The studded tyres are still a bit better on ice and tightly packed snow, but the difference is small. The non-studded tyres also perform well on ice nowadays. They use the addition of grip crystals to the tread that increases the traction between the tyre and the ice. They also use a design in the tread that allows the rubber tread to bite into the ice and create traction. If you are not in need of the absolute best grip on ice, then a non-studded tyre gives you a bit more flexibility as there are less regulations on non-studded tyres. If you travel by car between different countries, then you are probably best by having non-studded tyres.

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Buy Two Or Four New Tyres

 It is often questions about if you should buy a full set, or if it is ok to buy just two tyres, to replace the ones that are most worn out. The answer is always that is better to buy a full set, as your driving performance will be better and you will be safer. To avoid having different wear between back tyres and front tyres is to rotate the tyres, every 6 months, or every time that you change between summer tyres and winter tyres. This will make sure that they will wear out more evenly.

When you mount different worn tyres between back and front, like a brand new set and a few years worn tyre, the grip will be different, which can easily result in sliding. You can easily lose control when you turn or corner. Therefore it can be dangerous to only change two tyres and it is always recommended to change the full set at once. So make sure that you will be rotating your tyres to ensure a more even wear so that when you need to buy a new set, you can buy a full new set of tyres. Rotation will then save you money as you can wait until they all are close to the recommended minimum tread depth of 4mm.

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What Is A Great All-Weather Tyre For Your SUV?

A great SUV All-Weather tyre for your SUV could be the Nokian Weatherproof SUV from one of the premium tyre producers. This is a perfect tyre if you do not drive in extreme weather conditions during the winter season and if don’t want to change to summer tyres for the summer season. This tyre will keep you safe during all seasons of the year and for all almost weathers that you might face. You will have an excellent high performance tyre with great properties.

When facing a lot of different and mild weather conditions it is important to have a tyre that is designed for it. This tyre will perform well even on snow and slush, so that you don’t have to worry to get in your car, if these are the conditions that you will face when starting your drive.

A new suv all weather tyres will mean that you want to make sure that you can drive your car regardless if you need to drive on highways or some more challenging terrains, these tyres also takes the weather out of the equation, so that you can basically master all usual conditions. If you live in an area that faces mainly roads that are covered with ice, then a dedicated winter tyre is the way to go, but for all other conditions you will probably be managing very well with these tyres.

As with water on the roads that can cause aquaplaning, slush has similar effect and can cause slushplaning. These tyres are great at preventing both aquaplaning and slushplaning. As this is an occurrence that should be avoided, to have a tyre that is designed with this in mind is great for both you and your passenger’s safety. It is not always that you can prevent it from happening, even though limiting your speed is a good start, but if you do experience it, you wish you had tyres that were preventing it.

In addition to the safety aspects and the driving comfort, these tyres are also durable as the sidewalls are protected by aramid fibre, so the sides are basically like a bullet proof vest making sure that the tyre is resistant for side impacts and is even covered by a guarantee if something happens.

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A Great Tyre For Your Truck Or Your SUV

This is a summer tyre made for off road or extreme conditions, so if you are heading to your workplace that is in a remote rocky area, or if you are just into extreme off road driving, then this will be a perfect truck or SUV summer tyre. It is created for light trucks, SUVs and off road use.  This tyre will likely not be troubled by harsh surfaces and any driving habit. It comes with Nokian Tyres Aramid Sidewall Technology, which makes the tyre extremely durable and puncture resistant.

It also comes with Nokian Tyres Aramid Guarantee for participating dealers, where all you have to do is to cover the cost to get the accidentally sidewall damaged tyre back to the dealer and they will give you a new tyre. The dealer will send it back to Nokian Tyres for a refund, so you don’t have to worry about that part. We all like no hassles, so that is a sweet deal. Just get the new tyre fitted and you are ready to hit the trails again. It is not likely that the tyre will break, but fluke accidents do happen in rough conditions.

The performance is what you would expect from a high performance tyre from a great tyre producer. It has features that eject stones, so that you can get rid of the stones and improve the service life. So regardless if you work in a mine or if you just want to have a rough tyre for the occasions that you hit an off road track, this is a tyre that we can recommend to anyone who is looking for a new summer tyre for your truck or your SUV. You will not be switching away from this tyre soon, as this tyre is built to last.

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