Get the best performance from the best tyres

When you want to ensure that you vehicle has the best performance you also need to make sure that you equip your vehicle with a set of high performance tyres that can translate the performance of the vehicle to the road. The tyres are on the vehicle to keep you safe and you need to make sure that the tyres you purchase are of high quality and have good properties. You will need special SUV tyres if you own an SUV, so if you are looking for summer tires for it, you need to get a high quality SUV summer tire to ensure that you get the performance that you should have. Low quality tyres might cause your SUV to lose grip when you make sharp turns or take sharp corners. It can also lead to that your SUV consumes more fuel due to the higher rolling resistance of cheaper tyres. So make sure that you buy good tyres.

Safety is also another point of the performance; you should look at the braking distance that the tyres provide, as shorter braking distance is more likely to keep you out of an accident. So tyres that have bad wet grip are not to be recommended. In addition you should look for tyres that have good supplanting prevention properties through a well designed tread, that can remove water from the surface.

If you have an electric car or a hybrid, the vehicle weight is higher than a normal car due to the battery packs, so you need tyres that can manage this. So here you need a high wear resistance. Tyres that are good for hybrids or electrical cars will be highlighted in the product description, so make sure that you buy the correct tyres for your needs. This is even more important if you need other tyres than summer tyres. Off-road tyres or special weather tyres, like winter tyres or all-weather tires will need to be matched to the performance that you are looking for. Off-road tyres need to be more durable and they tend to have aramid-reinforced sidewalls to make them better protected from side impacts. Weather is important as summer tyres are dangerous to use during winter conditions, so you will need to have winter approved tyres for these conditions. So you will need to match the tyres after the performance that you are looking for.

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Drive carefully during thunderstorms

When driving during the summer, you are spared from most of the challenges that you have when you drive during the winter season, but rain can be dangerous when you drive during the summer. The majority of the summer accidents that happen when it rains are due to aquaplaning. Aquaplaning happens where there is water on the road surface and the tyre is not able to press the water aside to remain in contact with the road surface. When the tires lose contact with the road surface and start gliding on top of the water layer, you will lose control over the vehicle.

The loss of control is what makes the aquaplaning so dangerous, the water masses might throw your vehicle to the side and you can crash into the railing or cars next to you, or then if you turn the steering wheel when you have no control and then the tyres finally regain contact at high speed with the steering wheel turned it can cause the car to bounce out of control. This is why it is very important to take this serious and purchase summer tires that are good at preventing aquaplaning. The tyre manufacturers have launched a lot of inventions and ways to improve the tread so that it is able to better and faster remove water from the grooves.

Tread depth is very important when you try to prevent aquaplaning, since the deeper the grooves are the more water you can push through the grooves. So if you drive with tyres that soon need to be replaced, you should be extra careful when it rains. Once your tyres are getting close to 4 mm tread depth it is already time to change tyres. Remember that your safety depends on it. So if you are close, you might as well go and buy a new set of tyres.

You should also make sure that your tyres have the correct inflation pressure, as that impacts both the performance and the wear of the tyres. If you have underinflated tyres, your vehicle will consume more fuel and the wear will be higher, so you will waste money in addition to losing performance, which impacts your safety when driving. So this is a quick and easy way to ensure that you drive safely regardless of rain.

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Why you need to change from non-studded winter tyres during summer

There is a big difference between winter and summer tires. For winter tyres you have both studded and non-studded tyres. The studs help to get traction on ice and both have a tread design that can ensure that they get good grip on snow and slush. The tread ensures that snow doesn’t get stuck in the tread pattern and it pushes away slush to avoid slushplaning. This design is very different from what is needed on a summer tyre.

In addition to the tread design also the rubber compound is different in winter tyres, as the rubber needs to remain soft even at very low temperatures, so the winter tyres are optimized for just winter temperatures and for the grip needed on winter roads. So even the non-studded tires that might seem quite similar to a summer tyre, is actually a very different tire, with different tread design and different rubber compound that is used in the summer tyre. If you drive with winter tyres even if they were non-studded, the rubber would become very soft and would wear out much faster than intended. So you should switch to summer tyres that are designed for these conditions.

Summer tyres have a rubber compound that is designed for warm weathers, so they have the optimal hardness during summers and will not wear out too fast. They will give you optimal performance in terms of grip and handling when you drive in summer conditions. They have also been optimized to handle summer rain, so that they have grip on wet surfaces. They are also optimized for preventing aquaplaning, so that you can drive safely during heavy rain.

In a similar way you should not drive with your summer tyres when you have winter conditions, as the rubber compound that has been optimized for summer temperatures will become very hard and will not give you the necessary grip needed even on dry cold roads. If you then add snow and ice into the equation it becomes very dangerous to drive with summer tyres. This is the reason why it is important to change tyres between the seasons.

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What Is A Great SUV Summer Tyre?

A great summer tyre is the one that has been designed for the warm weather conditions that exist during the summer, and that suits your driving habits. In summer, the temperatures will usually stay above zero degrees Celsius and on some days it can get even hot, heating up the black asphalt-paved roads. The rubber compounds used in the tyre need to take these factors into consideration. You don’t want your tyre to get too soft, as this will increase friction and affect the fuel economy. You don’t either want your tyre to get to hard and stiff as that reduces the handling and driving performance.

If you plan to drive off road or in extreme conditins with your suv summer tyres, you need tyres that are developed with this in mind. It is exactly the same way that you have different shoes for different surfaces and weather conditions.  The right tyre helps you maximize the performance, including getting the best fuel economy, so that you don’t waste money on fuel.  For off road conditions, the tyres are reinforced for heavy wear, which is not necessary for normal road driving conditions. What you do need though is the tyres that have been adequately designed for rainy conditions. In summer you might experience even quite heavy rain. A well-designed tyre will be able to manoeuvre you safely through water puddles without losing control and grip.

Even a high quality tyre requires proper maintenance. The easiest way to make sure that you properly maintain your tyre, is to visually look for defects, measure tread depth and make sure that the tyre is properly inflated as per the instruction manual depending on the use and the load of the car. So when you invest in a new set of tyres, make sure that you have this in the back of your mind, so that you make your purchase carefully.

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Tyres For The Summer

If you are considering buying new summer tyres or you already bought a set, I hope that you purchased the new Nokian Rotiiva.

The Nokian Rotiiva, is a perfect tyre for summer roads, regardless of what car you have sports car, normal car or an electric car. The focus is on high performance during the summer. They are designed to give optimal performance during all the summer conditions that you experience, and regardless of what the summer weather might be, you will have great performance at high speeds and control over the vehicle even under demanding driving situations.

This is a summer tyre aimed for the central European markets, with all the summer requirements that come with that. Also the possibility for high-speed driving, if you drive through Germany. These provide the combination of safety, eco-friendliness as well as improved comfort.  Perfect for the summer conditions that you will be driving through during the summer months, regardless if you will be spending it on the highways or in the city traffic.

The eco-friendliness comes both from productin as well as the low rolling resistance, which has an immediate impact on your car’s fuel economy. The better fuel economy will give you immediate savings on your fuel bills and can very quickly compensate you for a possible higher price tag when you buy the tyres.  If you have an electric car, then this means that you will get further on each charge.  Also if you have an electric car, you will value the quiet comfort that these tyres provide you with.

So if you live in central Europe and you don’t already own a set of Nokian tyres, then be sure to consider them when you next purchase tyres. Regardless whether you have a gasoline car or an electric car, if you want a high performance tyre that will provide you with the perfect combination of safety, great fuel efficiency and great driving comfort, Nokian Rotiiva are a great choice.  These are suitable for high speeds during summer conditions.

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