What You Should Know Before Buying Non-Studded Tyres

Nothing can be as terrifying as driving on ice packed roads with summer tyres. Since the summer tyres are not built for providing good traction on winter roads, chances of skidding and getting involved in an accident are very high. Since the tyres are one of your car’s most important safety features, you need to invest in good winter tyres when the cold season comes. If the place that you come from gets more snow than ice during the winter, you should consider buying non-studded tyres. Continue reading “What You Should Know Before Buying Non-Studded Tyres”

Things To Consider When Buying A Non-Studded Tyre 

When you buy a vehicle, there are unavoidable costs that come with it, one of them being buying new or replacement tyres. You cannot expect to use the tyres that the vehicle came with for eternity. Thee will reach a point when those tyres will get worn out and be unsafe for driving on the road. If you do not buy new tyres, you will be putting your life and the lives of the people you carry in your vehicle at risk. Apart from ensuring that you remain safe, fitting your vehicle with new tyres will ensure that you remain legal. Continue reading “Things To Consider When Buying A Non-Studded Tyre “