Time To Change To Summer Tyres On Your SUV

Summer is finally on its way, daylight savings time has struck Europe for maybe the last time and it should make the days feel longer. Next year we will have to do without daylight savings time, but hopefully summer will arrive anyways. This is also the time to start thinking about summer tyres for your vehicle. If you have SUV non-studded tyres on your vehicle, then the change might not be so urgent, but winter tyres perform worse in warm weather and the tyre wear is increased as the temperature increases.  

If you have SUV studded tyres, then you might have to obey some timelines for when they have to be removed and summer tyres have to be mounted to your vehicle. If you have SUV All weather tyres, you can continue driving through spring and summer all year round with the same set of tyres. These tyres are good if you have not too harsh winters. All-weather tyres that have been approved for winter use provide safe driving on snow, ice and slush. 

If you live in an area where there are harsh winters and real summers, it is always better to use seasonal tyres that are specifically developed for the particular conditions. They will keep you safe and you will get better grip and stability throughout the year. The only challenge is when to change from the winter tyres to summer tyres. You don’t want to change too early, as you don’t want to be left with having summer tyres and the winter weather returns for another spell.   

What people don’t always realize is that the rubber in the summer tyres will become hard at temperatures below zero degrees Celsius and you will loose the traction even on dry roads. In these circumstances even rugged looking SUV summer tyres will not be as good as you anticipate. Don’t try driving your SUV in winter conditions with summer tyres mounted, it is not safe.

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Important Considerations to Keep in Mind When Buying Non-Studded Tyres For SUVs

When you visit a tyre shop to buy non-studded tyres for your SUV, you need to check what is on offer carefully before paying for it. If you have never purchased this kind of tyre in the past, it can be easy to confuse it with other tyre options that are available. Being a winter tyre, you need to know how to differentiate it from the types of winter tyres that are available such as all-weather tyres and studded tyres. They may all be meant for winter, but they have some differences in features and how they are supposed to be used. Continue reading “Important Considerations to Keep in Mind When Buying Non-Studded Tyres For SUVs”