All-Weather Tyre Can Be A Safe Option

An all weather tyres allows you to drive all year around without having to worry about changing tyres. This tyre is a great option in countries where there are no four distinct seasons and where winter are not extreme.

The beauty of this tyre is that you don’t have to plan when to change from summer to winter tyres and vice versa. You are always ready to hit the road regardless of weather. It happens way too often that people end up being surprised by the weather and they still have summer tyres when it starts snowing or when there is already ice on the road. Driving with summer tyres in winter can be dangerous and increases risk of car accidents.

Don’t forget that you still need to rotate your tyres regularly. This will even out the tyre wear. It is not recommended to drive with a big difference in tread depth between the tyres, so two new tyres combined with two old tyres is not recommended and can make your car to slide. That’s why it is good to change all the four tyres to new ones at the same time.

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Make Sure That You Don’t Wait Too Long To Change Tyres

 Switching from summer tyres to winter tyres, might seem like a cumbersome task, but it is definitely something that shouldn’t be neglected. There are most likely laws regulating the use of winter tyres in your area if you have real winter conditions each year. The laws are really there to make sure that you are safe, as it is not safe to drive with summer tyres during winter conditions.

We have all seen videos on the news when there are lots of people crashing when the first snow comes. Some of the accidents may be due to the fact that drivers still have summer tyres on their car. Summer tyres do not have grip on snow or ice. For you to be able to drive legally and safely you need to change to proper high quality winter tyres.

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Best Way To Stay Safe During Autumn

Driving during autumn tends to be quite tricky, the reason being that the evenings are dark, the weather is often wet and winter is approaching. A perfect tyre for the autumn season is the all-weather tyre. During autumn you can see very much of the conditions where you will benefit a lot of having an allweather tyres. The all-weather tyre can be officially approved for winter driving, thus having a snowflake symbol. This would mean that you could drive with this tyre all year around. This will benefit some people and it helps during autumn, when it can be difficult to predict when the winter starts.

If you use summer tyre, then you need to be careful as you approach temperatures close to zero. Optimally you will change to winter tyres before the winter hits. If you do not manage to do it on time, you should try to avoid driving with tyres that are not approved for winter conditions. A set of summer tyres, will not be able to manage on snow, slush and ice. For these conditions you really need a winter-approved tyre. A summer tyres will not get far, as there will not be much traction. The rubber compound in a summer tyre will get very hard and stiff and will not be able to comply with the surface structure and on ice it will have almost zero grip. So change in time.

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Summer Tyre Buying Tips


Buying a car can be fun because you will finally say goodbye to the hassles of public transport. But if not adequately prepared for the responsibilities that come with this purchase, it can end up being a frustrating investment. One of the things you will need to be ready for when you buy a vehicle is buying replacement tyres. The tyres that your vehicle will come with will only serve you for some time. Do not assume that they will stay in your car forever. If you come from a place that has a change of seasons throughout the year, you may need to buy replacement tyres after a brief period. Continue reading “Summer Tyre Buying Tips”

Why Summer Tyres are Ideal for Hot Weather Conditions


Just as important as it is to switch to dedicated winter tyres when the cold season comes, is switching to summer tyres when the hot season comes. Once you know the benefits that you can get from summer tyres, you will realize that they are worth the effort and investment. All-season tyres may still be good on summer roads, but their performance is average compared to dedicated summer tyres. You are going to benefit a great deal in terms of safety and comfort if you buy a set of tyres that are strictly meant for the hot season. Continue reading “Why Summer Tyres are Ideal for Hot Weather Conditions”

What Is A Summer Tyre?

When doing a comparison check for the different tyres that are available, you may have come across a summer tyre. If you do know not what kind of tyre this is, it is simply a tyre that can handle and grip well when you are driving on dry and wet roads. It works best at temperatures above 7 degrees Celsius. It is made from a softer rubber that delivers better grip than a winter tyre. When you are driving on wet and dry roads in warmer conditions, you will experience superior handling when driving a vehicle that has these kinds of tyres.

A summer tyre has a much simpler tread pattern compared to its winter counterpart. The sipes and grooves in this tyre are much less. They have up to ten times less the sipes and grooves that a winter tyre has. This tyre is made that way in order to optimize contact with the road in summer. It gives your vehicle better traction as well as braking ability. Both the tread design and compound that the summer tyre features makes it less suitable to use in winter when the temperatures drop below 7 degrees Celsius.

Before you start shopping for summer tyres, you need to check your vehicle and determine the kinds of tyres you have. There are some manufacturers who fit these types of tyres to new vehicles as the standard tyres. However, if you had switched to winter tyres in order to make your vehicle easy to use in winter months, it is a good idea to switch back to the summer tyres after the weather reaches the average temperature of 7 degrees Celsius. During summertime, winter tyres cannot be able to provide optimum grip when you are driving on warm driving roads.

Do not assume that just because it is called a summer tyre it is only ideal for driving on hot sunny days. Even though it is very true that this tyre will provide outstanding performance in dry conditions, it also provides excellent grip when you are driving on wet roads. This means that if it happens to rain in summer while you are driving on the road, you do not need to worry about the performance of the tyre being affected. It will still be able to offer the best performance in situations like that. In some areas where winters are not so severe, the summer tyre can be used year-round and still be able to offer excellent performance on both dry and wet surfaces.

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