Some good tyres for your SUV

When you have an SUV you will need to also get some good SUV tyres. There are a lot of tyres to choose from depending on what type of performance you want out of your tyres and what will be the driving conditions. Nokian Tyres, the king of winter tyres, has launched a range of great tyres both for city use as well as some very durable ones for off-road use.

You have the perfect tire for durability and off-road use in the Nokian Rockproof. This is a very durable tyre that can be used both by professionals as well as anyone that wants superb performance and durability in challenging off-road conditions. It has stone ejectors to make sure that the stones don’t get stuck in the tread and end up damaging the tyre. The compound used in these is for mining tyres, so it is built to last and will make sure that you have a state-of-the art tyre. The sidewalls are aramid-reinforced, so that they have bulletproof vest strength to prevent punctures from sharp rocks just as well as it will protect your tyres from curbs in city traffic. This is definitely a tyre for the those who want to make sure they don’t get stuck with tyre problems regardless of driving conditions.

Then you have the Nokian Rotiiva HT and Nokian Rotiiva AT. The HT indicates Highway tread and the AT all-terrain. They are both great tyres for SUVs. They both have aramid-reinforced sidewalls to provide excellent puncture resistance.

The Nokian Rotiiva HT is more for smooth asphalt roads as well as gravel roads. They have comfortable and stable handling regardless of which surface that you drive on, they are also good at handling varying weather conditions. They are made for heavy SUVs and for 4-wheel drives. If you have a hybrid SUV, this is a great wear-resistant tyre that is good for city use.

The Nokian Rotiiva AT, is a tyre if you also tend to do some light off-road driving. It also offers good durability even for heavier vehicles. It is a good tyre for city use and some occasional off-road excursion. It is not close to the durability of the Nokian Rokproof, but a much more versatile tyres for people who still do their main driving in the city or on highways.

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