Important Tips On Buying Non-Studded Tyres



Winter is a very challenging season of the year to live through. There are a lot of changes you need to make to continue living a comfortable life. These changes not only apply to your home, but also to your vehicle. If you have a car, you will need to see to it that it is equipped with the right winter tyres. The two major types of winter tyres to choose from are studded tyres and non-studded tyres. To know which kind is right for your vehicle, you need to know the severity of winter in your area. Continue reading “Important Tips On Buying Non-Studded Tyres”

How To Identify Non-Studded Tyres On The Market

Whether to choose a non-studded tyre or studded tire is a questionyou may be asking yourself if you are looking for buy new winter tyres for your vehicle. The non-studded tyre is desgned to roll quietly and smoothly on the road. It does not produce a lot of noise when it comes into contact with the road as it is usually the case with its studded counterpart. Also known as studless tyre, it can increase your safety on the road during the times when conditions change rapidly in terms of temperature. Continue reading “How To Identify Non-Studded Tyres On The Market”