Tips For Purchasing Studded Tyres

You may have heard people say that studded tyres are perfect for driving in winter and are wondering if this is true. Well, before you even get to proving if these tyres are great for the cold season, you need to know what they are. To put simply, the studded tyres feature metal studs that are placed in their tread. The studs and very small and are made from durable metal that allows them to dig into ice or snow in order to keep your vehicle steady even when you are driving on slippery roads. Continue reading “Tips For Purchasing Studded Tyres”

Reasons To Purchase An All Weather Tyre

You may have heard people talk about how an all weather tyre is the best type of tyre to buy and are wondering if that is true. This tyre combines the properties of both winter and summer tyres to create something that features good all round performance. It is made from an intermediate rubber compound to provide sufficient grip on both dry roads and cold roads. It does not harden as much as summer tyres during the cold season. Even though it does not match winter tyres in the same snowy conditions, it is much better compared to its summer counterparts. Continue reading “Reasons To Purchase An All Weather Tyre”

Know Your Tyres: All Weather Tyre 

Are you one of the people who dread the hassle of changing tyres twice a year? If you are, you should seriously consider buying an all-weather tyre. This tyre is designed for use in countries that experience moderate weather patterns all year round. Countries such as the United Kingdom where the winters are less severe are the ones suited for the all weather tyres. Also known as all season tyres or four season tyres, they are designed to cope with climates that are not too extreme. They combine elements of winter and summer tyres to create a product that features benefits of both. Continue reading “Know Your Tyres: All Weather Tyre “