Important Considerations to Keep in Mind When Buying Studded SUV Tyres


When the temperatures drop below freezing point, the best tyres to have on your vehicle are winter tyres. These tyres are designed to provide better traction on icy and snowy roads compared to all-season tyres. They feature unique tread compounds that allow them to stay flexible and grippy even in extreme weather conditions. Make sure that you purchase the right winter tyres for your vehicle when the cold season kicks in.

On the market, you will come across different types of winter tyres. The two major types are studded tyres and non-studded tyres. The studded tyres are the best ones to use if the place you come from experiences frigid winter weather such that the roads are covered with ice. As the name suggests, these tyres have metal studs that provide improved traction on the icy roads. They dig into the ice to improve acceleration as well as braking in the cold weather conditions.

Before trying out the suv studded tyres on your vehicle, there are various things you need to consider, number one being the place where you live. Studded tyres are prohibited in some countries and places across the world. For example, in the United States of America, you are not allowed to use studded tyres in Florida, Hawaii, Alabama, Louisiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Texas and Minnesota. In some states, you can use studded tyres in certain counties. Others may have date restrictions when it comes to the use of these tyres.

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What Are the Things You Should Avoid When Buying Studded Tyres

vehicle owner, you need to make sure that you have the proper tyres for every season of the year. For frigid winter weather, you need to have studded tyres specially built for this season. These tyres feature metal cleats known as studs and formed from a rubber compound that does not become stiff when the temperature becomes too cold outside. The studs are tiny and made of durable metal that can dig into snow and ice and ensure that your vehicle remains steady on the icy roads.

When you decide to purchase studded tyres, there are various precautions you need to do. The first mistake is buying the tyres without knowing what the correct size for your vehicle is. It is essential to check the tyres that your truck initially offered when it came from the factory before buying replacement tyres. If you buy the wrong size of studded tyres, you may be forced to buy a new set of wheels. Also, your vehicle’s performance on the road may be negatively affected if you buy the wrong tyres.

Another mistake you should not make when buying studded tyres is failing to consider the climate of your place. You need to remember that these tyres recommended for sites that get ice rather than snow in winter. If you come from an area that experiences moderate temperatures throughout the year, you will not need these tyres at all. Make sure that you buy the studded tyres after making sure that they are suitable for the in your climate.

Finally, you should not make the mistake buying used and worn out studded tyres. If money is not a problem, you should consider buying brand new studded tyres if you want to get the best performance on the winter roads. In case your budget is low, and you can only afford to buy used tyres, make sure that you check them properly. The whole point of buying these tyres is so that you can be able to drive comfortably and safely on the wintry roads.

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Things to Check When Shopping For Summer Tyres

Buying summer tyres can help you in many great ways. For those who have high-performance vehicles, high-quality summer tyres can provide increased responsiveness, cornering, and braking capabilities. Compared to all-season tyres that most vehicles come with, summer tyres are made of special rubber compound and are designed to provide excellent traction on both wet and dry roads.

When you go shopping for the summer tyres, there are some things you need to know. For instance, you may be wondering how these tyres perform in rain. Actually, the summer tyres perform very well on wet road. The grooves that summer tyres have help shed water if you are driving during a storm, and hydroplaning will not become an issue unless the water gets dangerously high.

You also need to check if the summer tyres can provide you with maximum stability. For those who drive high-performance vehicles, this is critical.  Extra-wide shoulder blocks can be a valuable feature on your summer tyres, especially in you’re looking for stability at high speeds. In addition, high quality summer tyres use special rubber compounds that are designed to remain stiff at warm temperatures. This will prevent uneven wear, enhancing long term stability as well as the life of your tyres.

Finally, you need to check whether the summer tyres are designed to match your vehicle’s style. While it’s true that these tyres are designed to deliver maximum performance, they’re also designed to look great while doing so. Summer tyres from Company offered at your local dealer feature distinct tread patterns and profiles that complement the look of your vehicle and will definitely make your vehicle stand out when you drive past.

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Reasons To Use Summer Tyres In Warm Weather Conditions

Buying a car is definitely one of the biggest accomplishments in life. Road trips, as well as the normal journeys, will be much fun and comfortable when you have a vehicle of your own. However, for you to get the most out of your car whenever you hit the road, you need to make sure that you have the right set of tyres. In summer, you need to invest in the best summer tyres that can perform well on the warm and dry summer roads.

Summer tyres are also commonly referred to as performance tyres. When compared to all-season tyres, summer tyres provide better grip on warm and dry roads. This makes them a good upgrade option if you are looking for tyres that can give you the best performance on the road during the warmer season of the year. Apart from allowing better traction on dry and wet surfaces, they can also improve your braking capability.

If you have a high-performance car, then summer tyres will be ideal for you because they can handle high speed as well as cornering very well. The rubber compound that is used for making them allows them to remain flexible in warm summer weather and to provide the maximum road grip that is needed for safe driving.  While all-season tyres that most vehicles come with can perform fairly well in these conditions, you will appreciate the experience that you will get from summer tyres, even more, when the scorching summer season comes.

Whenever you go shopping for new tyres for your vehicle, it is imperative that you consider your driving conditions as well as the climate that you live in. You will also need to follow the specifications that were recommended by the manufacturer of your car. You can be absolutely sure that you will get value for the money that you will invest in these tyres provided that you use them as recommended.

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How to Maintain Your Summer Tyres

Equipping your vehicle with summer tyres for the coming season is a great decision to make when you’re in a place that experiences sweltering summers. Not only are they less prone to wearing out even as they’re exposed to the scorching hot pavement but are also optimised for water contact in case of light summer rains or general wet roads. Continue reading “How to Maintain Your Summer Tyres”

Essential Details to Consider Before Purchasing Summer Tyres For Your SUV


When it comes to tyre purchasing, most car owners know the basics of what aspects to consider. Quality, price, durability, usage and type are just some key features that influence a purchasing decision, but these aren’t the only ones that matter. More savvy vehicle owners will tell you about more in-depth details that you should also watch out for before taking home that set of tyres you’ve been considering. Continue reading “Essential Details to Consider Before Purchasing Summer Tyres For Your SUV”

Should You Choose Studded or Non-Studded Winter Tyres?

The winter season may still be far away, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t start on weighing your winter tyre options as early as today. Allotting more time to research and make an informed decision raises the chance of you purchasing the right kind of tyres for your vehicle, the conditions that you’re driving it through, and your overall driving habits. Continue reading “Should You Choose Studded or Non-Studded Winter Tyres?”

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Kind of Tyres for Your Vehicle


Most vehicles come with a standard set of tyres that most owners tend to not pay much attention to the fact that they might also need more specialised tyres for different conditions. Not only will switching tyres be good for lengthening the lifespan of your current set, but it also helps prevent unforeseen accidents and squandering the other investments you have with your vehicle. Continue reading “Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Kind of Tyres for Your Vehicle”

Top Winter Tyres – Choosing Between Studded Tyres and Non-Studded Tyres


The drop in temperature in winter can create many problems on the road. Without the right set of tyres for this season, driving on the snowy, icy roads can become a nightmare. If you want to enjoy a safe and comfortable driving the same way you did in summer, you will need to buy top winter tyres. Do not just think about the money that you will spend to buy the winter tyres. Also, think about the benefits that you will get in the process. Continue reading “Top Winter Tyres – Choosing Between Studded Tyres and Non-Studded Tyres”

Tips for Buying Winter Tyres Online

Driving safely on the challenging winter roads requires more than just good driving skills. You also need to have the right set of tyres designed specifically for the cold weather. You need to have winter tyres the moment leaves on trees start turning from green to bright reds and oranges. Do not wait until the roads are packed with snow and ice to start thinking of buying these tyres. By that time, their prices may be higher, or it can be challenging to find an expert to install them for you. Continue reading “Tips for Buying Winter Tyres Online”