When To Buy New Summer Tyres

There is always a question of when to buy new summer tyres. The obvious answer is that you should buy new tyres when the old ones are worn out. If you drive with summer tyres all year around, you just manage the wear profile and when it comes to 4mm of remaining depth, then you drive to a tyre shop and buy a new set.

However if you are alternating between summer and winter tyres, you will probably try to do it at the start of a season. So the answer turns more into when it is the most continent to do so. If you manage your tyres so that the wear is even between all tyres, then you can estimate the time of the change pretty accurately. You need to make sure that you maintain and take good care of your tyres, so that you will get the maximum tyre life out of them. You need to check, for example, that the wheels are aligned and that you have the correct tyre pressure. Misaligned wheels create uneven wear. Also if your tyre pressure is not correct you will have uneven wear and you might end up having one or more tyres that wear out before the rest.

Rotating the positions of the tyres makes your tyres last longer as the wear will be more even. Rotation means that you will change the place of the tyre between the front and rear axis, as they wear differently. If you change between summer and winter tyres, this tends to be done at this occasion.

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Proper Maintenance Of Your Tyres


Tyre maintenance is a matter of critical importance. It’s the only point of contact between the road and your vehicle, thus tyres largely determine how safe and stable your car. The pressure and the wear on tyres over long periods can lead to a significant deterioration in quality and performance, which can jeopardize your safety. This is regardless if you have summer tyres or winter tyres.

To improve the safety of your car, there are a few maintenance checks that you should do on a regular basis.

Check the tyre pressure: The tyre pressure should top your priority list. Check whether your tyres are properly inflated. Underinflated tyres can cause excessive tread wear, resulting in having to replace them before its expected lifetime.

Check the tread depth: It is recommend to change the tyres, when they reach 4mm tread depth. Once you go below this depth, the performance of the tyre is drastically reduced. For your own safety and people around you, make sure to change the tyres in time.

Visual examination: It is highly advisable to inspect the tyres visually for any damage, punctures and embedded objects. Often damage and cuts are rendered to the tyres due to heavy impact between tyres and curbs or potholes. If you see any noticeable damage, immediately seek the assistance of a tyre specialist who will evaluate the overall tyre condition and accordingly suggest repair or replacement.

Wheel alignment: Wheel or tyre alignment is also critical to ensure good performance of your car. If you come across any problem in your vehicle’s maneuverability, handling or shaking of the steering wheel, have a professional check the alignment.

Wheel rotation: Rotate your tyres every few thousand miles, as it will ensure your vehicle runs smoothly without any glitches and prolongs tyres’ lifespan.

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Maybe All You Need Is One Set Of Tyres For Your SUV

If you don’t have four seasons per year, you can often manage with one set of tyres all year around. However if you have four seasons, you might have to go for two sets of tyres, a set of summer tyres and a set of winter tyres. If the winters are really extreme, you might even have to go for a studded winter tyre, so that you will have the best traction. If the winters are most snowy, a non-studded tyres can be a good option as well.

As the development has progressed, there are now great SUV all-season tyres that can do the job regardless of what season there is. The new Nokian Rotiiva AT plus is recommended by 9 out of 10 people and is a great tyre for dry asphalt as well as any type of winter condition. It can also handle off-road conditions. So here you have a tyre that works as well on asphalt roads as well as off-road driving conditions. It also works well during both during the summer and winter season. It is approved for winter use and we all know that Nokian Tyres make the best winter tyres in the world. Since they invented the winter tyre, they have over 80 years experience of improving the performance of their tyres.

These tyres also come with aramid guarantee, as the sidewalls are reinforced with aramid fiber, same as is used in bulletproof vests. If you still would end up with a ruptured tyre, you can bring it back to the dealer and you will get a new tyre without any hassle. The aramid sidewalls will protect the tyres from punctures caused by sharp rocks when driving off-road.

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What To Consider When Summer Is Coming To An End

There are a few things to consider when the summer is coming to an end. One is if you will continue driving your car also during the winter season. If you plan to do so, you need to figure out if there is a need for winter tyres. If you are driving on summer tyres, the need to consider winter tyres is higher than if you are driving on all-weather tyres, as they can manage winter weather.

However, if the area where you live experiences really harsh winters, it is still advisable to fit your car with a set of winter tyres. Even though the all-weather tyres perform quite well during winter conditions, if you will be driving 4-6 months in snowy and icy conditions, a studded winter tyre is to prefer. On icy conditions there is no tyre that can outperform a studded tyre. The studs dig into the icy to create excellent traction, both for when you drive as well as when you brake.

If you are experiencing snowy conditions in yor area, also a non-studded tyres will do fine and you might even manage with your all-weather tyre. When it comes to winter tyres, there are only a few producers, which are capable of making top-notch tyres for winter use. It often comes down to ability to do extensive research and development combined with continuous testing of the tyres in extreme winter conditions. So when you consider buying a tyre for the winter, make your research to make sure that you select a tyre from a producer that has a good reputation for producing excellent tyres for winter conditions. Being a good summer tyre producer doesn’t warrant that you will make good winter tyres.

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All-Weather Tyres To Satisfy Your Car’s Year-Round Needs

All-weather tyres have existed for a long time, and they have been the most preferred choice by many because of their overall flexibility. They have a versatile tread design that can get you through most weather conditions. The tread pattern is made to provide you with a comfortable, quiet, low rolling-resistant ride regardless of season or weather.

Whether it’s hot, wet or snowy and cold, all-weather tyres can deliver full control and a good quality driving experience. You can be assured that your tyres will be working all year round. These tyres help car owners avoid the hassle of changing tyres during summer and winter and the need of having two sets of tyres. With all-weather tyres you don’t need to worry about when is the right time to install winter and summer tyres on your car.

Having a good quality set of all weather tyres will ensure safe road trips regardless of the weather when you drive your car. When you want to get these for your car, you need to consider some things.

When buying a set of all weather tyres, you should consider where and how you’re going to drive your car. Most tyres are designed to survive even the toughest of weather conditions, but you need to know how you are going to use them and the kind of terrain you are going to drive them on. The type that you choose must be specifically designed to cater to your style of driving and the variety of terrains you usually drive on. If you’re going to drive your car over tough and rocky terrains, you need to choose models that provide extra traction. If you’re going to drive in a city environment and want smooth handling, less traction is needed.

To find the best price for your tyres, you need to shop around in your area. Going for the cheapest tyre tends to be more expensive in the long run, as you probably end up spending more in petrol, due to higher rolling resistance. Not to talk about that they are not as safe, due to lack of rigorous testing and other factors.

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Basics Things About Summer Tyres For Your SUV

People who live in regions where they experience different weather seasons need to change their vehicle’s tyres more often. During the summer season, the summer tyres are perfect to use for your SUV. Before making up your mind and purchasing summer tyres for your SUV, you will most likely need to know more about them:

Summer tyres are specially designed to provide you with better driving experience during the summer. Furthermore, they are made of softer rubber compounds that are perfect for the warm summer roads. The SUV summer tyres come in different sizes, designs and tread patterns so that you can choose the one that fits your vehicle the best.

Some of the benefits are:

  • Summer tyres provide you with better performance when driving on hot summer roads because they are designed for driving on roads where conditions are warm and humid. They will perform better in these road conditions compared to the all-weather ones.
  • Improved braking capabilities. Softer rubber compound of summer tyres and tread patterns that have been optimized for summer weather conditions improve the braking capabilities of your vehicle. You can quickly get your vehicle to a full stop if needed.
  • Improved vehicle handling. With suv summer tyres mounted on your SUV, you will enjoy better handling while driving. This is due to the shallower tread pattern of summer tyres allowing more friction between them and the road.
  • Ability to handle heavy summer rain and decrease the risk of aquaplaning. This can be important, because losing contact with the road surface is something we all want to avoid.

Summer tyres are commonly used in places that have both winter and summer seasons. Most likely, your local dealership will have multiple tyre brands for cars and SUVs. The extra performance and grip of dedicated summer tyres will allow you to drive safely while enjoying the open roads. So, say goodbye to those old standard tyres that came with your SUV and say hello to the new ones!

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What Is A Great All-Weather Tyre For Your SUV?

A great SUV All-Weather tyre for your SUV could be the Nokian Weatherproof SUV from one of the premium tyre producers. This is a perfect tyre if you do not drive in extreme weather conditions during the winter season and if don’t want to change to summer tyres for the summer season. This tyre will keep you safe during all seasons of the year and for all almost weathers that you might face. You will have an excellent high performance tyre with great properties.

When facing a lot of different and mild weather conditions it is important to have a tyre that is designed for it. This tyre will perform well even on snow and slush, so that you don’t have to worry to get in your car, if these are the conditions that you will face when starting your drive.

A new suv all weather tyres will mean that you want to make sure that you can drive your car regardless if you need to drive on highways or some more challenging terrains, these tyres also takes the weather out of the equation, so that you can basically master all usual conditions. If you live in an area that faces mainly roads that are covered with ice, then a dedicated winter tyre is the way to go, but for all other conditions you will probably be managing very well with these tyres.

As with water on the roads that can cause aquaplaning, slush has similar effect and can cause slushplaning. These tyres are great at preventing both aquaplaning and slushplaning. As this is an occurrence that should be avoided, to have a tyre that is designed with this in mind is great for both you and your passenger’s safety. It is not always that you can prevent it from happening, even though limiting your speed is a good start, but if you do experience it, you wish you had tyres that were preventing it.

In addition to the safety aspects and the driving comfort, these tyres are also durable as the sidewalls are protected by aramid fibre, so the sides are basically like a bullet proof vest making sure that the tyre is resistant for side impacts and is even covered by a guarantee if something happens.

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A Great Tyre For Your Truck Or Your SUV

This is a summer tyre made for off road or extreme conditions, so if you are heading to your workplace that is in a remote rocky area, or if you are just into extreme off road driving, then this will be a perfect truck or SUV summer tyre. It is created for light trucks, SUVs and off road use.  This tyre will likely not be troubled by harsh surfaces and any driving habit. It comes with Nokian Tyres Aramid Sidewall Technology, which makes the tyre extremely durable and puncture resistant.

It also comes with Nokian Tyres Aramid Guarantee for participating dealers, where all you have to do is to cover the cost to get the accidentally sidewall damaged tyre back to the dealer and they will give you a new tyre. The dealer will send it back to Nokian Tyres for a refund, so you don’t have to worry about that part. We all like no hassles, so that is a sweet deal. Just get the new tyre fitted and you are ready to hit the trails again. It is not likely that the tyre will break, but fluke accidents do happen in rough conditions.

The performance is what you would expect from a high performance tyre from a great tyre producer. It has features that eject stones, so that you can get rid of the stones and improve the service life. So regardless if you work in a mine or if you just want to have a rough tyre for the occasions that you hit an off road track, this is a tyre that we can recommend to anyone who is looking for a new summer tyre for your truck or your SUV. You will not be switching away from this tyre soon, as this tyre is built to last.

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When To Invest In A New Set Of Summer Tyres

The obvious answer to this question is when your old tyres are worn out. So there are a few factors to consider when determining this, which include, when is it the easiest or the most convenient time to do the change. If we start with the ways to determine if you need to change the summer tyres, it is often due to the fact that the thread depth is below the recommended 4mm, the legal threshold is 1.6mm, but trust me, you do not want to go that low.

If you are planning to anyway change to winter tyres at the end of the season and you are currently close to the depth of 4 mm, then it is probably more convenient to change at the end of the season, if the season is soon coming to an end. If your thread depth is below 4mm, you should change immediately. The thread depth is there to guarantee you your safety. It both ensures you have maximal grip on the road, so that you don’t start skidding when you take turns and it ensures that you can drive safely, even when there is water on the roads.

If you are driving with worn out tyres on wet road, there’s a bigger risk that you lose control over your car as the tyre can’t push the water away to the sides. This is what we call aquaplaning. When aquaplaning occurs you have lost contact with the road, and you can’t control the car anymore, as you are now gliding on the water surface like a boat does. This loss of contact and control over your car can be very dangerous.

Also you need to change your tyres, if they are damaged, if the sidewalls have been damaged, or if there is wear on the structural parts due to hitting some rock or curb. It is recommended to change the whole set, if possible, at least if the other tyres are getting close to the end of their lifecycle. You don’t want to drive with a mixture of new and old tyres.

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How Often Should You Check Your Tyres?

How often should you check the condition of your tyres, depends on a few factors. First it depends on how old your tyres are. If you have a brand new set of tyres on your car, you do not need to focus on the tread depth. You should still check the tyres for possible damages that can have occurred when you are driving, especially if you have heard some noise while driving or if you might have hit the curb while parking. A visual inspection on a monthly basis should be enough to spot any visual defects that might have occurred while driving.

You should also check the tyre pressure on a regular basis. This should be done when the tyres are cold, and not after hours of driving. If you do not have a gauge at home to measure the pressure, try to do it at the petrol station when you fill up the car. Try to do this as early as possible of your drive. To have wrong tyre pressure do more harm than you can think of. It affects the road safety of your car and it also directly impacts the fuel efficiency of your car. So this should be checked at least monthly or as often as you feel it is necessary.

The tread depth becomes more important, the longer you have used your tyres. If you keep the same set of tyres on the car for the full year, we recommend that you check it every quarter. There is also a need to rotate the tyres to even out the wear between the front and the rear tyres. It is recommended to rotate the tyres every 8000 km of driving or when the difference in tread depth between the tyres has reached 2 mm.

In case you have summer tyres on all year or if you have all weather tyres on the car, do the check quarterly. If you alternate between summer and winter tyres, you might do the rotation when you change the tyres. If you keep checking the tyres and making sure that they are in good condition, have good tread depth and the correct tyre pressure, then you will have peace of mind on the road.

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