Tyres should be a combination of performance and safety

Summer Tyres

Your tyres are important to ensure that you get what you want out of your car. If you purchase a very safe car, you will need to match it with safe tyres to reap the full benefit. A safe car with bad tyres is likely to be in accidents, which can make it unsafe. In a similar way a sports car has to be matched with high performance high-speed tyres. This will allow you to get the best performance out of your car and be able to drive smoothly on windy roads without the tyres losing their grip.

In a similar way summer tyres are made for the best performance during the summer season for those conditions and the winter tyres are made to perform in those conditions, where you have to face cold temperatures combined with snow and ice. You can’t expect that a summer tyre would give you a good performance during the winter season. In countries with real winters, winter tyres are often mandatory. On top of that the rubber compound used in summer tyres actually turn hard at low temperatures, so they can’t provide the necessary traction needed during the winter. In addition to that the tread pattern isn’t optimized for snow and ice, but rather dry or wet tarmac.

During the winter the safety is very important, as the ice and snow can make the driving very challenging. You will need very good winter tyres to combat these conditions. To get good performance out of our car during wintertime you will need to ensure that the tyres can give you good grip and control. For this you will need to have tyres that are approved for winter use. This will be either studded tyres or non-studded tyres that are dedicated winter tyres and should only be used during the winter season. 

For countries that don’t have proper winters, then to have dedicated winter tyres might not be the most convenient option. For these countries or areas, the all-weather tyres might be the best option as you can use the same tyre all year round. The best thing is that you are ready when the snow arrives, even if it comes by surprise. Also for areas where you might be able to drive few hours to a beach and few hours to go skiing, you will have the right tyres for both.

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