Taking the car for a ski trip to the Alps

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If you plan to go on a skiing trip and you plan to take the car, then you will need to make sure that you have the proper tyres for this on your car. Depending on where in the Alps you choose to go and which way you will drive to get there might impact what tyres that you will need to have. For the Alps you will need to have some sort of tyres that are approved for winter use.  If you will cross Germany, you are however not allowed to use studded tyres.

All the countries and access points will allow you to use non-studded winter tyres, so these might be the best options.  Some places might require that you will have snow chains in the car to be used if there is heavy snowfall. If you live in an area where you might not have a real need for winter tyres during the winter season, you might want to consider the all-weather tyres that are working like winter tyres during winter conditions and like summer tyres during the summer, so that they can be used all year round. This is a great choice for areas that are not dependent on winter tyres during the whole winter season, while still want to benefit from the safety of having winter tyres when there are winter conditions.

If you are from a country that will need to have proper winter tyres for the duration of the winter period, will most likely use dedicated winter tyres and change them to summer tyres during the summer season. You have the option of studded or non-studded tyres, where as trying to go on a ski trip to the Alps, the studded tyres can create a challenge and you are much better off with non-studded tyres that as mention, are allowed in all the countries.

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