Ways to ensure safe driving

Summer Tyres

Safety of driving tends to come down to 3 main things, your own experience, the safety of your vehicle and then the tyres that you have mounted on your vehicle. Since cars are expensive you tend to be stuck with your vehicle choice and it is difficult to make a change in the short term. Your own experience comes over time and it is important that you prepare for all driving conditions, not only dry tarmac, which tends to be the easiest condition. You need to also be able to handle wet roads, rain and winter conditions. Winter condition are the most challenging conditions to drive in and everyone will need to practice driving under these conditions.

When it comes to tyres, this is the easiest one to impact. You will need to make sure that you select tyre that can provide the best safety performance for your vehicle during the conditions that you intend to drive in. There will be different tyres depending on your vehicle. You will need special tyres if you have an SUV or a hybrid or an electrical car. You will also have different tyres if you aim to drive in winter conditions. You can also depending on where you live choose an all year round tyre by choosing winter approved all-weather tyres.

For winter tyres it is more important from a safety perspective to ensure that you have the right tyres for the conditions that you will face. This doesn’t mean that the summer tyres are less important, this if of course not the fact, they are both important for your safety, the winter tyres do however face more challenging conditions, so a bad choice can lead to a higher degree of risk.

So in addition of the importance of the importance of correct tyre selection, the car selection is important. This is one of the reasons that more people are choosing safe cars and even SUVs that have excellent safety records. If you do choose an SUV, make sure that you then select SUV summer tyres and SUV winter tyres that can ensure that the safety of the SUV is translated to safety on the road. Bad tyres can jeopardize the safety of your vehicle as a safe vehicle with tyres with only limited grip can not perform as intended.

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