SUV’s Driving During Summers And The Risk For Aquaplaning

SUV summer tyres

SUVs have been proven to be safer according to statistics. At least if you look at the rate of injuries after an accident, the SUVs are safer. Whether an SUV or any other vehicle will be in an accident or not depends also on other factors such as the driver’s ability to drive, the speed and the quality of the tyres. People often forget the last one, the tyres, even though they have a very big impact on the safety of any vehicle. If you equip the vehicle with bad, worn tyres, it can completely change how the vehicle performs.

In winter, an SUV needs proper SUV winter tyres that can handle snow and ice and that have the rubber compound designed for winter temperatures. When the tyre is designed for summer temperatures, it means that when the temperatures go down below zero degrees Celsius, the rubber becomes hard. Hard tyres are not able to conform and adapt to the road surface. It is when the rubber is actually pushed into the micro-cavities of the surface that provide a big part of the traction. When this is lost, the grip will be drastically reduced. If you are driving on icy conditions, you can choose studded winter tyres for your SUV. On snowy conditions both studded and non-studded tyres perform well.

In summer you need to have proper summer tyres. The SUV can, like any other vehicle, experience aquaplaning when driving on wet roads. The ability to push away the water will determine whether you will experience it or not. Good SUV summer tyres have innovative tread patterns and design, so that they can push away water more effectively and thus reduce the risk of aquaplaning.

For your SUV to be as safe as it can be, you need to have good quality tyres, ensure that the tyre pressure is correct and that the thread depth is above the minimum 4mm. I would recommend to purchase SUV summer tyres for the summer season. They are good for driving on dry and wet roads alike and efficient at preventing aquaplaning, keeping you safe throughout the summer.

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