How To Differentiate Between A Good And A Bad Tyre

It can often be difficult to differentiate between tyres, at least by just looking at them. You will need to do a more thorough analysis to know which tyre will be a good tyre and which one will be not as good. To do your research online tends to be your best bet.

The EU tyre label can give you some indication, especially for summer tyres. Reading tyre tests can also give you a good indication of which ones are performing well in the conditions that you plan to use the tyres in.

You also need to know what type of tyre you want to buy. There are big differences between a summer tyres, an all-weather tyre and a winter tyres. So you can’t really compare these. You need to compare the tyres within the tyre segment to know if it is a good tyre or not. If you want a winter tyre, make sure that it is approved for winter driving. Also once you have selected a tyre, then make sure that it also has low rolling resistance and low noise emission.

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