Why Are Tyres So Important?

It seems that the importance of tyres is sometimes forgotten. People talk about how safe a car is and the safety features of the vehicle, but they forget how an important role tyres play in the driving. Without proper tyres you can in some cases not drive at all.

Tyres are the car’s only point of contact with the road surface. The car has to transmit all its power and control to the surface via the tyres. If the tyre doesn’t have proper grip to the road surface, the handling of the car becomes difficult. Tyres play a significant role in ensuring the driving safety.

In winter you can choose either studded winter tyres that have metal studs embedded within the tread or the so-called studded tyres. The rubber compound of a winter tyre is designed for the cold weather and will remain soft and flexible as opposed to a summer tyre, which will turn hard and inflexible, making them less efficient on ice or snow. Make sure that you ensure your winter safety by equipping your car with a set of high quality winter tyres.

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