All-Weather Tyre Can Be A Safe Option

An all weather tyres allows you to drive all year around without having to worry about changing tyres. This tyre is a great option in countries where there are no four distinct seasons and where winter are not extreme.

The beauty of this tyre is that you don’t have to plan when to change from summer to winter tyres and vice versa. You are always ready to hit the road regardless of weather. It happens way too often that people end up being surprised by the weather and they still have summer tyres when it starts snowing or when there is already ice on the road. Driving with summer tyres in winter can be dangerous and increases risk of car accidents.

Don’t forget that you still need to rotate your tyres regularly. This will even out the tyre wear. It is not recommended to drive with a big difference in tread depth between the tyres, so two new tyres combined with two old tyres is not recommended and can make your car to slide. That’s why it is good to change all the four tyres to new ones at the same time.

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