How Often Should You Check Your Tyres?

How often should you check the condition of your tyres, depends on a few factors. First it depends on how old your tyres are. If you have a brand new set of tyres on your car, you do not need to focus on the tread depth. You should still check the tyres for possible damages that can have occurred when you are driving, especially if you have heard some noise while driving or if you might have hit the curb while parking. A visual inspection on a monthly basis should be enough to spot any visual defects that might have occurred while driving.

You should also check the tyre pressure on a regular basis. This should be done when the tyres are cold, and not after hours of driving. If you do not have a gauge at home to measure the pressure, try to do it at the petrol station when you fill up the car. Try to do this as early as possible of your drive. To have wrong tyre pressure do more harm than you can think of. It affects the road safety of your car and it also directly impacts the fuel efficiency of your car. So this should be checked at least monthly or as often as you feel it is necessary.

The tread depth becomes more important, the longer you have used your tyres. If you keep the same set of tyres on the car for the full year, we recommend that you check it every quarter. There is also a need to rotate the tyres to even out the wear between the front and the rear tyres. It is recommended to rotate the tyres every 8000 km of driving or when the difference in tread depth between the tyres has reached 2 mm.

In case you have summer tyres on all year or if you have all weather tyres on the car, do the check quarterly. If you alternate between summer and winter tyres, you might do the rotation when you change the tyres. If you keep checking the tyres and making sure that they are in good condition, have good tread depth and the correct tyre pressure, then you will have peace of mind on the road.

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