What Is A Great SUV All-Weather Tyre?

A great All Weather tyre has been designed for the conditions it will be used. These tyres can perform well on the road in all four seasons. The rubber compound of all-weather tyres must maintain the correct properties even though the weather changes from summer to winter. As you can imagine, this puts a lot of pressure on the manufacturer to produce a high quality all weather tyres, when the specifications are so wide.

You don’t want the tyre to get too soft, as this will increase friction and will affect your fuel economy. You also don’t want the tyre to get too hard and stiff as that reduces the handling and driving performance.

For off road conditions, the tyres are reinforced for heavy wear, which is not necessary for normal road driving conditions. What you do need though is that the tyres have been adequately designed also for rainy conditions that can occur during the summers. In summer you might experience even quite heavy rain. A well-designed tyre will be able to manoeuvre you safely through water puddles without losing control and grip.

Even a high quality tyre requires proper maintennce. Easiest way to make sure that you properly maintain your tyre, is to visually look for defects, measure tread depth and make sure that the tyre is properly inflated.  Check the instruction manual for the correct tyre pressure as it depends on the use and the load of the car. So when you invest in a new set of tyres, make sure that you have this in the back of your mind, so that you make your purchase wisely.

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