What Is A Great SUV Summer Tyre?

A great summer tyre is the one that has been designed for the warm weather conditions that exist during the summer, and that suits your driving habits. In summer, the temperatures will usually stay above zero degrees Celsius and on some days it can get even hot, heating up the black asphalt-paved roads. The rubber compounds used in the tyre need to take these factors into consideration. You don’t want your tyre to get too soft, as this will increase friction and affect the fuel economy. You don’t either want your tyre to get to hard and stiff as that reduces the handling and driving performance.

If you plan to drive off road or in extreme conditins with your suv summer tyres, you need tyres that are developed with this in mind. It is exactly the same way that you have different shoes for different surfaces and weather conditions.  The right tyre helps you maximize the performance, including getting the best fuel economy, so that you don’t waste money on fuel.  For off road conditions, the tyres are reinforced for heavy wear, which is not necessary for normal road driving conditions. What you do need though is the tyres that have been adequately designed for rainy conditions. In summer you might experience even quite heavy rain. A well-designed tyre will be able to manoeuvre you safely through water puddles without losing control and grip.

Even a high quality tyre requires proper maintenance. The easiest way to make sure that you properly maintain your tyre, is to visually look for defects, measure tread depth and make sure that the tyre is properly inflated as per the instruction manual depending on the use and the load of the car. So when you invest in a new set of tyres, make sure that you have this in the back of your mind, so that you make your purchase carefully.

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