What You Should Know Before Buying Non-Studded Tyres

non-studded tyres

Nothing can be as terrifying as driving on ice packed roads with summer tyres. Since the summer tyres are not built for providing good traction on winter roads, chances of skidding and getting involved in an accident are very high. Since the tyres are one of your car’s most important safety features, you need to invest in good winter tyres when the cold season comes. If the place that you come from gets more snow than ice during the winter, you should consider buying non-studded tyres.

Before you buy non-studded tyres for your vehicle, there are various things you should know about them first. These tyres have on an icon on them that shows that they are designed to perform well in winter. The icon is a three-peaked mountain that has a snowflake inside. It is not only available on non-studded tyres, but also on studded tyres and all-weather tyres. If you come across a tyre that does not have this symbol, it simply means that it is not designed to perform in ice and snow.

Another thing that you should know about non-studded tyres is that they are made from soft rubber. Compared to the rubber that is used to make summer and all-season tyres, the one used for making winter tyres is softer. When temperatures drop below freezing point, the rubber hardens just enough to allow you to drive comfortably in the cold weather. You will also notice that the treads of the non-studded tyres are different from those of summer tyres. They are made that way to eject ice and snow easily on the road when you are driving your vehicle.

When some people buy non-studded tyres to use in winter, they usually just get two of them to use with summer or all-season tyres. This is not advisable at all. Even though you will save some money by buying just two winter tyres, you will not be able to get the safety and comfort that you would get from four non-studded tyres. Apart from improving the safety of your vehicle, four winter tyres will also ensure even tread wear of your summer or all-season tyres.

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