Questions to Ask When Looking for The Best Winter Tyres


Winter tyres may not be necessary for everybody, but they are crucial for people who come from places where the weather is freezing cold in the winter. If you have all-season tyres on your vehicle, you may be wondering if you will need winter tyres too when the cold season approaches. Well, if you care a lot about your comfort and safety on the road, you should seriously consider getting the best winter tyres for your vehicle. Since they are designed to work well in snow, slush and ice, you will be safer and comfortable with them compared to their all-season counterparts.

Before buying the best winter tyres for your car, there are various questions you may need to get clarification on first. First, you may be asking yourself if you need winter tyres if you come from a place that does not get a lot of snow. The simple answer to this question is yes; you need winter tyres. The rubber compound that winter tyres are made of can stay supple even when temperatures drop below negative 40 degrees centigrade. They also have biting edges that allow them to have more traction on both snowy and icy roads.

Another thing that you may need clarification on before buying winter tyres is whether they are the same as mud and snow tyres. Well, if you come across a tyre that is labelled M+S (which stands for mud and snow), it is an all-season tyre and not a winter tyre. The winter tyres usually have a snowflake symbol that means that they have been tested and proven to be suitable for winter roads. Things can get more confusing when you come across all-weather tyres that also have the snowflake symbol. Unlike the winter tyres strictly meant for the winter seasons, all-weather tyres are designed to stay on throughout the year. Make sure that you make the right choice when buying.

Last but not the least, you may be asking yourself if you need to have winter tyres the second the temperature hits the 5 degrees Celsius mark. While the temptation to stick to your all season tyres a while longer hoping that they will hold well on the winter roads can be great, you must switch to winter tyres if you value your life and safety.

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