How To Drive With Non-Studded Tyres

When To Use Non-Studded Tyres

Non-Studded Tyres

When choosing the right winter tyres for your vehicle, there are two major options to select from, namely studded and non-studded tyres. While both of them are designed for use in winter, they have a few differences. The things you need to keep in mind when choosing between them include how much you drive in winter, the kinds of roads you use during that time, what you like as a driver and your winter driving experience. Do not just choose the tyres blindly because they are all winter tyres and hope to get the best out of them.

So when are non-studded tyres perfect to use on your vehicle? These tyres are a good choice in spring when the temperature changes are very rapid. Unlike studded tyres, you can mount them on your vehicle earlier in autumn and they will still perform great on the road. Once you mount them on your vehicle, you would not need to worry about the rapidly changing conditions of the road in autumn. They are very perfect for the unpredictable weather conditions in autumn.

Non-studded tyres are also perfect if you prefer quiet tyres for your vehicle. They are very quiet on bare roads compared on their studded counterparts. You can listen to your music comfortably when you are driving on the challenging winter roads without being forced to put up with a lot of noise from the tires. But you will need to very careful at crossroads when you install non-studded tyres on your vehicle. Studded tyres are superior to them when it comes to driving on roads that have a lot of wet ice and hard packed snow.

You may be wondering if non-studded tyres can be perfect for use all year round. The answer is absolutely no. You cannot use them during summer and expect to get the best performance from them because they are primarily designed for use in winter. The coarse spring roads can unevenly wear them because they are not a good match for summer tyres. You would not get value for your money from them if you use during summer or spring. They are not recommended for use as all weather tyres. If you want to drive comfortably and safely in summer, you just have to invest in the best summer tyres or consider buying all weather tyres that are meant for all four seasons.

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