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Tips For Purchasing Studded Tyres

Studded Tyres

You may have heard people say that studded tyres are perfect for driving in winter and are wondering if this is true. Well, before you even get to proving if these tyres are great for the cold season, you need to know what they are. To put simply, the studded tyres feature metal studs that are placed in their tread. The studs and very small and are made from durable metal that allows them to dig into ice or snow in order to keep your vehicle steady even when you are driving on slippery roads.

Apart from studded tyres that are meant to be used in winter, we also have studless that are meant to be used in similar weather conditions. The difference between the two is the metal studs and the tread pattern. These differences make the studded tyres better for driving on icy roads compared to their studless counterparts. What happens when you are driving on such roads is that the studs bite into snow or ice and help give you greater grip. This results into more comfortable and safe driving on the icy roads.

Before you go ahead to buy studded tyres, you need to find out if they are allowed to drive on the road in the area you come from. The studs that are embedded into their treads are strong pieces of metal that are capable of digging up into the pavement. It is for this reason that some states in the United States and some countries across the world limit their use during summer and other non-winter months. There are some states that have outlawed them completely. So if you install them on your vehicle in such states, you may end up getting charged heavily for the damage that you would have caused on the roads.

Apart from making sure that you have the right winter tyre for your vehicle, it is also important to make sure that you purchase the right tyre size. You can easily find the right recommended tyre measurements by consulting your owner’s manual or the placard that is found on the door jamb on the driver’s side of your vehicle. When used correctly, the studded tyres can actually increase your safety on the road during the times of the year when the temperature and weather conditions change rapidly.

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