Correct Summer Tyres For Your Electric Car

How To Get The Most Out Of Summer Tyres

Summer Tyres

Making sure that you have the right tyres on your vehicle for each season is something that you cannot avoid. During the warmer time of the year, you need to drive on summer tyres that are meant for this season. During the cold period, make sure that you have winter tyres that are designed to perform well on wet, icy and snowy roads. By doing so, you safety and commercial aspects will be maximized regardless of the weather conditions. If you use the wrong tyres in the season that they are not supposed to be used, you will be putting your life in great danger.

So when exactly do you need summer tyres? Summer tyres perform very well on the road during the warmer weather period when temperatures are above 7 degrees Celsius. They guarantee high grip levels on both dry and wet roads courtesy of the special tread compounds and tread patterns that they are made of. You will also enjoy high driving stability from the summer tyres in curves as well as optimum mileage performance under the warm summer temperatures.

Even though a summer tyre can provide high grip levels on wet roads, its performance drastically reduces when temperatures drop below 7 degrees Celsius. At this temperature, the summer tyre is not as stable as it is supposed to be. That is why it is important to be sure about the weather of the place you come from before investing your money in this tyre. If your area experiences extremely cold weather conditions for the most part of the year, you would be better off with winter tyres if you want to enjoy a comfortable and safe driving experience on the road.

If you want to get the most out of your summer tyre, you need to make sure that it is properly used and maintained. When winter comes, make sure that you switch to winter tyres that are meant for the cold season. Using summer tyres on snowy and icy roads will not only wear them out fast, but it will also put your life at risk. Since they do not have studs, sipes and other special features that winter tyres are equipped with in order to perform well on wintry roads, you should not expect them to perform well in winter. Also make sure that you replace them with new ones as soon as possible when they start wearing out.

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