Review Of The Nokian Hakkapeliitta R2 Non-Studded Tyre 

Nokian Hakkapeliitta R2

Are you looking for the perfect tyres for winter season? You will definitely come across a lot of winter tyres that will claim that they are the best, but one particular type that will not  disappoint is the nokian-hakkapeliitta r2. Nokian has always been at the forefront when it comes to winter tyres and they outdid themselves when they produced the hakkapeliitta r2. It is a non-studded tyre that is designed to provide supreme driving comfort as well as safety. If you are the type of driver who yearns for absolute driving comfort in winter, you will definitely get it with this tire.

Apart from comfort, another thing that you would definitely enjoy with the nokian-hakkapeliitta r2 is the tangible fuel savings that it provides. The issue of your vehicle getting stuck in mud, ice or snow and causing you to waste a lot of fuel will be a thing of the past. It is made with  advanced rubber compounding technology that ensures increased rubber flexibility. Even when you driving your vehicle on wet, icy or snowy roads, the hakkapeliitta r2 will still be able to maintain flexibility.

One thing that you will notice when you buy the nokian-hakkapeliitta r2 are the pump sipes that are found on tread-blocks of this tyre’s outer edges. These sipes ensure proper contact with the wet and icy prone roads in winter. You can drive your car comfortably on these roads without the constant fear of veering off the road due to the slipperiness. You will be able to arrive where you are going on time because you will be able to drive on the snowy roads the same way you drive on dry roads with a car that has summer tyres.

To prevent slush-planing, the nokian-hakkapeliitta r2 features sharp triangle penetrators that have found at the shoulder area. When you are driving your vehicle in winter, the slush is forced to claw at that area and ensure optimal grip. Driving in thick slush will not be a problem at all. Theslush penetrators do a great job of preventing collection of slush between tread blocks. This will not only ensure comfortable driving on the snowy and wet roads, but it will also reduce chances of being involved into accidents in winter.

The secret of the nokian-hakkapeliitta r2  is the rubber compound that is made of microscopic, multi-edged particles. These particles function the same way as built-in studs since they stick to the driving surface using their sharp grip edges. The optimal lateral as well as longitudinal grip of this tyre is boosted by the cryo crystal concept of Nokian. It features excellent winter grip that you can feel especially when driving on slippery ice when the tyre is just about to stop. Even when the tyre starts to wear out, it will still function well because the particles which are evenly spread inside the compound will come out to put additional grip to the reserve.

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